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This is the wedge of a very dangerous and destructive philosophy': Andrew Klavan on socialism

Glenn Beck

Award winning author, screenwriter and media commentator Andrew Klavan joined Glenn Beck on the show today to discuss America's frightening turn toward socialism despite the devastation it has caused historically and is still causing today in countries around the world.

Klavan describes socialism as "diabolical" because it takes on average about 70 years "to suck a country dry," so the people who institute socialism in the first place are not around to deal with the ultimate devastation of their society. "If you could live 140 years instead of 70 years and see what it does to a nation, you would understand that this is the wedge of a very, very dangerous and destructive philosophy."

"The two most important things that socialism does is, the first thing is that it institutes the logic of slavery," explained Klavan. "The basic idea of socialism is that your time that you put into your work that creates your money belongs to the state. Your life belongs to the state. It's exactly the same logic that a master says to his slave....

"The other thing -- and sometimes people go a little nuts when I say this because they don't quite understand what I mean -- but socialism is a materialist philosophy. In order to turn people into slaves ... what you're saying to them is 'everything you need is contained in a dollar bill and a lunch bag. I give you a dollar bill and a lunch bag and you're happy. You don't need meaning, you don't need dignity, you just need your dollar. I gave you your lunch bag, and now I make all the decisions' ... You've literally taken all the meaning out of civilization."

He went on the debunk the myth of Norway as the ultimate socialist utopia. "I always hear people, when they tout socialism they look at countries that aren't really socialist but have very high taxes and a lot of social spending, like Norway.  And they say the polls show that everyone is happy in Norway," said Klavan. "But everything they use was invented in a capitalist country. Are they using cell phones? Are they using cars? Do they have an army that can protect them, or do they depend on our army to keep invaders away? ... If you spend what capitalism created, what's going to create more?"

Watch the clip above to hear Klavan's fascinating break down of what socialism really does to a country.

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