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Tomi exposes the truth about Linda Sarsour, the woman behind the Women’s March on Washington


John Guandolo, author of "Raising a Jihadi Generation," joined Tomi Monday night to discuss the Women’s March on Washington organizer, Linda Sarsour. By her own admission, Sarsour has numerous family members who are in prison in Israel because of their ties to Hamas, which has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United States government.

"They celebrate her, they clap for her, she's the face of a movement, they're proud of her — they raise her up like she's some kind of an idol," Tomi said. "I had a little Twitter exchange with her because I saw she liked a tweet I was mentioned in so I tweeted her back."

It bothers Tomi that there are women who joined the marches because they truly believed that the marches were about equality for women, when in fact they mainly end up promoting and empowering women like Sarsour.

"You can't have a rational discussion with crazy people and the reality is people are either going to be open to truth or they're not," Guandolo argues.

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