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Tomi has a public service announcement for all the snowflakes out there on 'Final Thoughts


Tuesday night's "Final Thoughts" segment on Tomi provided a public service announcement for people who think the harassment of White House press secretary Sean Spicer was appropriate behavior. According to Tomi, "I know in your twisted and bitter little minds you think crap like this is a social justice moment but it’s not, it's a jackass moment."

"So you claim to be loving, tolerant, accepting and kind because that's what your friends, the Democrats and the mainstream media tell you but you're fooling yourselves. You're bullies — plain and simple," Tomi remarks.

The harassment Spicer suffered isn't an isolated incident and is becoming par for the course. Tomi noted that the snowflakes who stand behind these actions do so because they are willing to throw around words like "Nazi, and fascist willy nilly and it's BS."

"President Trump is neither of those things and if you think so, you either have a poor understanding of history or in desperate need of a reality check and a dictionary," Tomi says.

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