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Tracy talks about fostering a life of wisdom in younger generations


Mentoring is an age old practice of a wiser, trusted, older, more experienced person bringing counsel, wisdom and perhaps experiential opportunity to the mentee. Caring about and investing in the mentee leaves a deeply profound impact on their lives.

Mentoring can be as simple as teaching someone how to cook, sending a book, sitting on a porch, letting them share their struggles, crafting an encouraging text, bringing them to work for a day, or praying for their future. Some of my counsel to mentees stems from mistakes I have made. I am grateful God forgives and remembers my poor decisions no more, as promised in Hebrews 8:12.

However, in my life, He often leverages those stories to help others. I wish someone had come transparently -- yet gracefully -- alongside me as a mentor, friend, and mother figure to help me sort through honest questions I had about love, life, and faith --as in Titus 2:3-5.

As mentors, we can’t offer all the answers, but we can be a companion -- and hopefully a voice of wisdom -- on their journey, helping them to avoid painful mistakes and encouraging them to lean into a loving God who cares about their future.

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