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Trump's generating a hostile takeover on regulatory agencies

Dana Loesch

Matt Welch, libertarian political pundit, joins Dana Loesch to discuss President Obama's broken promise to Donald Trump, of freezing new hires in federal agencies. Matt says he is no big fan of Trump. However, he is impressed with Trump's cabinet picks and what he has said since he has been elected - including generating a hostile takeover on the regulatory agencies.

"It's important to note under both Obama and President George W. Bush, the regulatory state has become it's own branch of government, almost, it just continues to grow, it does whatever it wants to do," Matt explains.

Matt mentions how even these agencies have supplied themselves with their own police force where they can enforce whatever they want. Providing an example, Matt reports an incident where the Department of Education has had their own SWAT team raid students over collecting student loans. He reveals how this has been going on for sometime and Donald Trump is striving to stop it and zero out the budgeting.

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