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Venezuelans just voted to throw out their legislature -- and the president is replacing them

Glenn Beck

When people are hungry, “they don’t make the best decisions,” Glenn Beck said on Monday’s “Glenn.” Venezuelans, who are reportedly eating dogs, cats, and anteaters in lieu of starving to death, voted their own congress out on Sunday as the nation suffers from tremendous economic turmoil.

President Nicolas Maduro held a sham vote, said Jason Buttrill, resulting in absolute power for his government. He made clear in a televised address Saturday that he intends to use the assembly, not just to rewrite the country’s charter, but to govern without limitation.

Describing the vote as “the election of a power that’s above and beyond every other,” Maduro said he wants the assembly to strip opposition lawmakers and governors of constitutional immunity from prosecution — one of the few remaining checks on ruling party power.

The Think Tank discussed the possibility of such a thing happening in the United States, which is less likely because the U.S. has the safeguards of a republic instead of the mob rule of a democracy.

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