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Watch: Eva Shockey -- Things that are not true about female hunters


Author, TV personality, and "reigning queen of the hunters," Eva Shockey, joined Dana Loesch on today’s “Dana” to talk about her new book, “Taking Aim: Daring to Be Different, Happier and Healthier in the Great Outdoors.” Eva dispelled many longstanding myths about female hunters, conservationists, and what really makes a successful hunt.

“I love how you reject every stereotype,” said Dana. “Because you’re like, ‘I’m feminine. I'm very lady-like.’ I’ve seen you out there with your bow … and your manicure’s on point. You embrace all of it and I think that redefines what people think about women who hunt.”

“I really do love what I do. I believe that hunting is such a positive thing,” said Eva. She later added, “Anything that gets you out from under a roof, I think, these days is probably a good thing.”

Eva also explained that contrary to popular perceptions, hunters are strong conservationists. “We appreciate where our food comes from,” said Eva. She went on to explain that hunters “raise the most money for conservation of any other group on this planet … on top of that, we provide our own food. Instead of going to Whole Foods, we go hunting and we fill our freezer with meat that, for the rest of the year, we share with our family and with our friends. It’s no different than going to the grocery store, we just understand where it comes from. I think you have a greater appreciation for the animal.”

Watch the segment above to learn more about Eva, her book, and the truth about hunting.

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