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Was Pelosi ‘stretching the truth’ with this Trump story?

Glenn Beck

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi shared a story about President Donald Trump on “Morning Joe” Friday, saying that Trump called her after U.S. missiles were launched against a Syrian air base in April.

"Get some sleep," Pelosi said she told the president during the late-night call. "Get yourself to a place where the synapses are working."

On Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” guest host Mike Opelka parsed the interview and Pelosi’s telling of the story. He wondered if Pelosi was “stretching the truth” with the tale of the after-midnight phone call and her advice to Trump.

He also addressed the continual calls by those on the left for Trump's impeachment. Mike pointed out that there are no do-overs when it comes to U.S. presidential elections and that, even if Trump is impeached and removed from office, America will still have a Republican president.

“If you impeach Trump, you get President Pence. Do you guys really want that?” he asked.

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