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Watch: A little girl gets too close to a sea lion – then this happens


A sea lion recently attacked a girl who got too close to the edge of a dock in British Columbia and pulled her into the water.

Vancouver college student Michael Fujiwara captured video of the incident on Saturday, the Seattle Times reported. A man jumped in after the little girl and scooped her out of the water. No injuries were reported, but the family was “pretty shaken up.” The dock reportedly has signs warning people not to feed animals in the area, but the girl’s family had been giving the sea lion breadcrumbs.

The guys on “Pat & Stu” took a look at the surprising clip and analyzed the sea lion’s motives.

As far as motives went, Jeffy Fisher thought the sea lion probably just wanted to play, but Stu Burguiere had a different theory: dominance. To Stu, the sea lion was saying, “Just so you know, I can kill all of you."

Pat Gray was surprised that sea lions could move that quickly. In the video, the large sea lion swiftly lunged out of the water to latch onto the little girl’s dress, almost instantly submerging her in the murky brown water.

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