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Watch: College students can’t name the 44th US president


Pop quiz time! TheBlaze’s Allie Stuckey talked to students on the Texas Christian University campus in Fort Worth to see if they were aware of current events.

Allie asked students questions including, “What’s happening in Georgia today (on the day of the congressional special election)?” and “Do you know what happened in Cleveland over the weekend (after a man was killed there on Facebook Live)?”

Students didn’t exactly seem to be keeping up with the news.

“I’m assuming there was a protest? There’s always a protest going on,” one student responded to the Cleveland question.

“Who was the 44th president?” Allie asked several students.

“Was it … Clinton?” one guessed.

At least one knew the right answer. "Wasn't that Barack Obama?"

To see more from Allie, visit her channel on TheBlaze.

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