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Watch: College students have difficulty identifying real foreign policy issues


TheBlaze's Allie Stuckey stopped by the Southern Methodist University campus in Dallas, Texas, to ask the students some fairly basic questions about world events and threats to the United States.

When asked whether climate change or ISIS is the greater threat, Allie received mixed answers, though one young woman believes most of  the problems with ISIS are due to "miscommunication." Another young woman thinks climate change is a greater threat because she believes more people have been displaced by it, to which Allie replied "but maybe not beheaded."

Most students did not know about the Palm Sunday massacre of Coptic Christians by ISIS in Egype, with one young man admitting he does not watch the news. They also had trouble identifying pictures of Kim Jong Un, Bashar al-Assad, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The one student who had no trouble with foreign policy was stumped by a photo of Clint Eastwood.

To see more from Allie, visit her channel on TheBlaze.

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