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Watch: Even a 4-year-old can learn the Constitution

Glenn Beck

Mike Lee, a United States senator from Utah, taught four-year-old Sawyer the Constitution. He believes the limits on the powers of the government are so easy to understand, even a kindergartner can grasp it.

He asked the small boy, in small boy terms, how he would feel about a mean king making arbitrary rules. The boy did not seem amenable to that.

Lee explained that a very long time ago, men called George Washington and Ben Franklin decided that people who make rules need rules of their own.

Sawyer was familiar with General Washington.

The senator then said that there are two kinds of rules: rules for the whole country and rules for the states. He also taught that the tenth amendment allows states to make their own laws for things Washington D.C. doesn't cover.

Sawyer, a small boy, had no trouble figuring out what comes under the jurisdiction of states.

Weird how Washington can't, huh?

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