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WATCH: Kamala Harris likens armed teachers to 'biased' cops, says students of color at risk

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Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) questioned associate deputy director of the FBI David Bowdich at a hearing on school safety Tuesday and likened armed teachers to "biased" police officers and law enforcement officials. Harris raised the question of "implicit bias" asserting that "having armed teachers as it relates to African-American and Hispanic students" could potentially do more harm than good.

"And here's why I say that," she added. "There's an overwhelming body of evidence that shows that harsh discipline protocols disproportionately impact children of color. We know that (from) the studies that talk about what the rates are in terms of suspensions and expulsions from schools."

Harris advocated for the same implicit bias law enforcement training for armed teachers.

"Do you have any concern about a policy that would result in arming teachers, and concern that we should make sure that if something like that would occur, that there would be training around implicit bias?" she asked Bowdich.

Watch the exchange below: 

Bowdich said he wasn't familiar with the report Harris was referencing but agreed that training "is necessary on all fronts." As far as implicit bias is concerned, Bowdich added that it is "very important for the organization as a whole, both internally but also from the optics of the external as well."

Harris replied stressing the importance of exercising "judgment that might result in harm or even death to another person."

Hear Pat's reaction to her statements above. 

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