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WATCH: Portland mayor allows hostile Antifa mob to threaten city's residents


During a protest in Portland, Oregon, for Patrick Kimmons, a 27-year-old black man who was shot by police last month after allegedly shooting two people and approached officers with a gun, Antifa activists blocked traffic, shouted profanities at drivers, threatened violence and damaged cars.

The mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, made no apparent attempt to stop the protests or protect the residents from the angry mob.

A Portland reporter, Andy C Ngo, posted videos of the scene on Twitter, along with his anger at Mayor Wheeler who has voiced his support for protesters in the past.

Warning: Profane language --

"We have in Portland, Oregon, a mayor who has surrendered the town ... to Antifa," said Glenn Beck during Tuesday's radio show. "The police were there; they did nothing. If you don't do what Antifa says you have to do, they'll threaten you."

Watch the video clip at the top of the page to get Glenn's take.

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