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Unhinged TikToker goes on disgusting pro-abortion rant, says she'd 'get pregnant just to kill it'

Image source: Video screenshot

“Libs of TikTok” recently shared a video of a self-proclaimed "psycho" gleefully declaring she would "get pregnant just to kill" her baby.

The woman was apparently responding to some "dumb*sses" on TikTok LIVE who had the gall to say things like "pro-life is good" and "babies are humans."

"Listen bi*ch, I would get pregnant just to abort it," she proclaimed. "You can't argue with me, okay, I'm psycho. I would f**king kill it. I would push myself down the f**king stairs. I would jump out of a plane to kill that baby. I do not want to give birth."

[Warning: vulgar language]

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