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Watch: Trump called him a 'dirty little traitor,' but Bowe Bergdahl saw himself as a hero


What happened

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier called “dirty little traitor" by President Trump, pleaded guilty Monday to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.

Catch me up

  • In June 2009, Bergdahl walked away from his base in Afghanistan.
  • In 2014, after being held captive by the Taliban for five years, the Obama administration traded five Taliban detainees for Bergdahl’s release.
  • At the time of his release, Obama administration officials said Bergdahl had "served with honor and distinction."
  • In 2014, a Fox News report claimed that Bergdahl had converted to Islam and declared himself a "mujahid" or warrior for Islam, during his captivity.
  • Meanwhile, the search for Bergdahl resulted in two US servicemen being wounded. Some reports claim up to six men were killed.
  • Bergahl pleaded guilty Monday before a military judge at Fort Bragg.
  • The desertion charge could mean up to a five-year sentence. The charge of endangering troops, or “misbehavior before the enemy,” carries a potential life sentence.

Dana’s take -- 

“What did he walk away for?” Dana Loesch asked of National Security Writer, Travis Tritten, who joined today’s show. “Do you believe he was picked up by the Taliban? [Or] did he walk out in search of them?”

“Apparently his story is that he was doing something heroic,” said Travis. “He thought that there were problems with the command in Afghanistan at the time…. So his idea, and he saw himself almost as a superhero, was that he was going to leave this camp … and he was going to run all the way back to the main base and through his absence he was going to be able to see a top commander there. And he was going to tell this top commander about all the bad things that were going down.”

Watch the video clip above to hear the whole story.

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