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Watch: We didn't expect this from Bruce Springsteen -- ‘anti-Trump diatribe’ not happening


Bruce Springsteen had some surprising things to say during an interview with Variety magazine. Just when you thought he'd use this moment with the magazine to bash Republicans and President Donald Trump (like many of his colleagues have done), he refrained; and we think Hollywood might want to embrace Springsteen's philosophy on influence and politics because Americans are tired of hearing it. We really are.

When asked why he didn't come out in full support of Hillary Clinton and if he'll ever run for governor of New Jersey, he said he didn't think he was an essential factor in politics. What a humbling thing to say coming from a Hollywood leftist. He also said, "I’ve done it when I felt it was really necessary and that maybe my two cents might make some small bit of difference. But the more you do it, your two cents becomes one cent and then no cents whatsoever, so I think your credibility and your impact lessens the more you do it." What an astonishing revelation. We can only hope this catches on with the rest of his celebrity friends.

Check out his full interview here.

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