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Watch: Would you be offended by this ice cream company’s ‘sexy’ cow sign?


What happened?

A New Jersey ice cream shop ticked off potential customers with an overtly sexy sign depicting a cartoon cow with a curvy backside.

Dairy Air Ice Cream Co., whose name is a play on “derriere,” debuted a new logo this week that was described by an outraged Facebook user this way: “a hyper-sexualized, obviously female cow with her ass upended and poking through a circle, tail raised up.”

Oh, dear …

The shop is backpedaling on the new logo and plans to change it.

A store manager wrote on Facebook that the shop had heard the complaints. "We take them very seriously and we are acting to change the cow to be more fun and less sexy,” Natalie DeRosa wrote. “Our goal was always fun and not sexy."

Brad shared this story as part of today’s headlines.

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