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Weak media coverage on fires raging through 'flyover states' hurts relief efforts

Dana Loesch

Dana asks why the media is largely allowing the fires raging across the South to go uncovered, and why it’s not already considered the “massive natural disaster" that it is.

The fire that has raged out of control from the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina has burned through some 250-plus homes, businesses and other structures — and it's predicted to raze more in its path. 

"I think it’s tempting to look what’s happening and they made the decision that they’re not going to cover it, but I think it’s worse than that,” said Sean Davis, Co-founder of The Federalist. "I think they had no clue any of this was evening happening. They don’t live in any of these states. They don’t have friends in these states. They don’t have family in these states. They don’t visit these state. It’s a foreign country to them. And so it’s not even an issue of them looking and seeing what happening and ignoring it, they had no clue this was happening in their own country."

Dana makes the point that weak media coverage around the fire severely dampens relief efforts because many organizations, the Red Cross for example, rely on public awareness to help raise funds and volunteer resources to help communities in need. 

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