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What should we expect from North Korea following crippling UN sanctions?

Glenn Beck

The world is trying to deter North Korea from more nuclear weapons tests – and the hermit regime is blaming America.

North Korea says it will “make the U.S. pay dearly” for new sanctions imposed by the U.N Security Council, which voted unanimously for a crippling economic sanctions package against the country in reaction to North Korea’s intercontinental ballistics missile testing. North Korea’s state agency said Washington should not find comfort in "believing that its land is safe across the ocean," CNN reported.

The sanctions will take a $1 billion bite out of the North Korean economy, banning coal, iron, seafood and other exports. North Korea has vowed in a statement to “make the US pay dearly for all the heinous crimes it commits against the state and people of this country.”

On Monday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck warned that America’s major cities should be on notice since North Korea has tested an ICBM that reportedly has the range to hit Los Angeles, Chicago, and possibly even New York.

“You could be vaporized any time from North Korea,” he said.

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