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Wiccans lash out at Sephora for culturally appropriating witchcraft — yes, really

Doc Thompson

Sephora just introduced a "starter witch kit" in light of Halloween and it's already proving to be controversial.

Wiccans and pagans are now accusing the cosmetics giant of culturally appropriating witchcraft and have spoken to the media about their displeasure.

On Friday's episode of the "The Morning Blaze," Doc Thompson and Kris Cruz discussed the artificial outrage.

The kit is sent to launch in stores Oct. 9 and will feature sage, rose quartz crystal, perfumes,  and even tarot cards — retailing for $42.

One Wiccan told the Metro U.K. that the beauty conglomerate is definitely committing cultural appropriation of the pagan religion of Wicca.

"I don’t think they’re doing it to spread awareness about the craft, they’re doing it just for profit in my opinion," said Indigo, a self-described Wiccan.

See the clip above.

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