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Will Amazon 'take over the entire world'? Here's the latest service they're offering


Amazon is preparing to offer yet another new delivery option called Instant Pickup. With this new service, Amazon users will be able to pick up ordered items from designated locations such as gas stations or corner stores and the items will be ready for pickup in “two minutes or less.” However, with this new option customers must travel to the pickup location, which potentially negates any advantage over old-fashioned convenience store shopping.

“Of course, the idea that you could swing by and pick up something whenever you want is also called a store,” observed Stu Burguiere on today’s “Pat & Stu.” Though according to sources, brick-and-mortar stores may be going the way of the dodo. So far in 2017, more than 6,300 retail stores across America have closed their doors due to rapidly declining sales and an ever-growing threat from Amazon.

“They’re taking over the entire world,” Pay Gray said of the retail behemoth. He added, “They’re reach is far bigger than Microsoft’s ever was. And what was the battle cry all through the ‘90s with Microsoft? ‘We gotta break up Microsoft. It’s getting too big.’ Really?”

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