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Women's March, Linda Sarsour claim Trump has enabled 'anti-Semitic and xenophobic attacks


In the wake of the Pennsylvania synagogue mass murder, the Women's March has launched a "Rise Up with Pittsburgh" campaign to oppose President Donald Trump "as he enables white nationalists" and to "resist this administration’s bigotry."

The Women's March gathered outside the White House on Sunday to protest against "anti-Semitic and xenophobic attacks."

They also posted an event notice for another demonstration on Tuesday.

Promotions for both events featured a photo of Women's March leader Linda Sarsour — the same Linda Sarsour who supports Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, one of America's most prominent anti-Semites who just last week compared Jews to "termites."

"In the wake of the terrible shooting in Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life Synagogue, the Women’s March, which is an incredibly well-funded group for a grassroots campaign, came out in pearl-clutching support of the victims," Glenn said Tuesday on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

He added that their so-called support of Judaism included "plenty of underhanded digs at President Trump and America with its ghastly 'xenophobia'."

"The only problem with this," he added, "is the Women’s March's three highest-ranking members have a history of being vehemently anti-Semitic. And above them all is Linda Sarsour."

Glenn noted Sarsour's track record of language that is both "racist and bigoted." He pointed to Sarsour's threatening tweet to Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins for voting to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court earlier this month.

"Really? What did that have to do with white supremacy?" Glenn asked. "She called the Democratic process 'white supremacy.' And the [comment about] 'black men'? What does that have to do with Kavanaugh? That's not even part of the story.”

"In the wake of the shooting in Pittsburgh, Sarsour’s anti-Israel and at times, anti-Semitic rhetoric has taken quite a turn. Suddenly she’s Judaism’s biggest champion," he added.

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