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Wonder Woman under fire for diet-related campaign

Pat and Stu

On Monday’s “Pat & Stu,” Stu Burguiere and Jeffy Fisher talked about the latest politically incorrect outrage: the Think Thin campaign that uses imagery from the upcoming “Wonder Woman” movie. Think Thin sells a line of weight-loss-related foods like protein powder and diet bars and has apparently teamed up with the Marvel film, prompting outrage.

Gizmodo recently said the new “Wonder Woman” movie is perpetuating the marketing industry’s “incredibly unhealthy relationship with female body image” by tying the superhero to a “think thin” mantra.

“If you’re thinking thin, you’re being insensitive to fat people,” Stu explained the logic.

“Thank you,” Jeffy said. “Someone finally recognized …”

“What you go through every day,” Stu finished the sentence.

Jeffy took the opportunity to advocate for more “fat positivity” in our lives and thought he could be a good voice for overweight people. “I might get some gigs out of [fat positivity in advertising],” he declared.

Stu pointed out that advertising is designed to make you want a product that solves a problem. “Why, why do we have to sit here and act as if all body types are the same?” he asked.

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