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Wonderful World Of Stu Rewind: Watch NY Mayor Bill De Blasio's dating video!


Sociologists have uncovered a videotape long thought lost to the sands of time: New York City mayor Bill de Blasio's dating profile. And Stu Burguiere of "Wonderful World of Stu" has the exclusive rights!

Oops...looks like the good folks at Magical Connections let slip Bill's old name, Warren Wilhelm Jr. Unless your last name is Beatty, chicks don't dig Warrens. Good thing he changed it to Bill!

Bill used his tape to talk up his Latin-American politics education at Columbia, his goose impersonation, his healthful lifestyle, and his devil-may-care arrest record.

He also bragged about his love of travel (ladies love to travel!) and his friendly relationship with some folks in Nicaragua, the Sandinistas. He also managed to get into Cuba while it was still against the law. How daring!

So if you thought Communism was Commu-Neato and wanted to help groom a future mayor of a major American metropolis, this was the guy for you!

Sorry, ladies. He's since been taken.

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