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Woodrow Wilson's pre-gubernatorial health troubles would eventually haunt his presidency


Glenn Beck shares the early history of Woodrow Wilson and the illnesses he suffered before becoming Governor of New York and, eventually, president. After his reelection, his health worsened to the point that Wilson was unable to discharge his duties as president. With no clear succession protocol in place, Wilson's second wife Edith secretly served as the de facto head of state in her husband's stead.

This confusing saga eventually gave rise to the 25th Amendment, which would prove integral to Gerald Ford's ascension to the presidency following Nixon's resignation.

Wilson was famously tight-lipped about his deteriorating physical condition. In fact, Wilson hid the truth about his health from his own daughters, partly because of his misogynistic beliefs.

"He doesn't think women have a brain in their head at all," Glenn explains. "He thinks that it's a good thing that women couldn't vote, and women shouldn't worry their cute little head about things because they're just not smart enough, you know. He's a peach of a guy."

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