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You can't fight the government'? It's time to debunk this popular anti-gun talking point

Glenn Beck

A common anti-Second Amendment argument goes like this: The Founding Fathers thought that people needed guns to have a way to resist the government, but clearly nowadays, you can't use a rifle to prevent a tank from running over you. Guns are useless against the government, so we don't need them in the way the founders intended.

On today's show, Stu pointed out some practical facts that debunk this view of the argument. Yes, if the government somehow had the resources to drive a tank up to every house, and people are just standing there with their guns, the government would win. But in reality, Americans armed with hundreds of millions of guns could put up quite a fight if it truly came to that.

"Think about a government that wants to institute tyranny over its people," Stu said. "Think about just the logistical challenge of rolling over 350 million guns ... to stop an armed populace that is resisting you."

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