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YouTube attacker: 'This is a case of mental illness


The attacker at YouTube's headquarters Tuesday had a serious grudge against the video sharing site which appeared to center around censorship and revenue. The woman, who described herself as an animal rights activist and vegan bodybuilder, was infuriated after YouTube "filtered" her videos about bodybuilding, animal rights, vegan lifestyles, hand art, and the political system in Iran.

"The facts of the case were, this was one of the craziest YouTube accounts I've ever seen in my life ... in one of these videos, she would go from dancing around, to flexing in front of the camera with weird backgrounds, to cuddling chickens and then cuddling rabbits. She was mentally ill. And that's the case with most of these shootings, this is a case of people being mentally ill," said Jason Buttrill on “The News and Why it Matters.”

Watch the clip above to hear Sara Gonzales, Doc Thompson, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jason Buttrill discuss the attack.

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