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SNL glorified Ruth Bader Ginsburg in rap parody

On this episode of "The News & Why It Matters," the panel discussed Saturday Night Live's rap parody glorifying Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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In the Woods with Phil

Here is the difference between capitalism, socialism, and communism

On Tuesday, "In the Woods with Phil" host Phil Robertson discussed the differences between capitalism, socialism, and communism.

Phil explained that socialists reach their goals using peaceful and legal methods while communists often use force without any regard to the law.

He explained that Karl Marx believed he was the one lawgiver and judge next to God. Marx believed the only way to achieve a peaceful and harmonious society was to place control of the production into the hands of the worker rather than the business owner, and he believed that communism is the final stage of development.

Later, Phil explained that without capitalism, he never would have been successful in his duck call business and that private ownership was the only way to realize success in business.

"You cannot get ahead under socialism and communism working hard," Phil said.

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