‘Worthless, Gutless Cowards You Say I Must Convert or Die’: Two Country Singers Just Wrote a Song With a Bold Message for Terrorists

“Dear worthless, gutless cowards you say I must convert or die.”

That’s the opening line to a new country song by country music songwriting stars Larry Gatlin and Billy Dean. It’s an unapologetic salvo aimed right at the Islamic State terrorists. And “aimed” is an even more appropriate descriptor once you hear the title of the song: “An American with a Remington.”

“One thing [Johnny] Cash did say to me long ago was, ‘Pilgrim, if something makes you mad enough boy, you’ll damn sure write a song about it,'” Gatlin wrote in an op-ed explaining the impetus for the song. “Well, [Johnny], Billy and I are mad as hell about those cowardly, beheading bastards, so we did just that!!”

[sharequote align=”center”]”I love it!!! Thanks guys for standing up for America and what we stand for!!! Love You Guys!!!”[/sharequote]

The song is a type of come-and-get-it anthem with a strong message: Those who would try to take American freedoms will be met with a strong resistance.

“The response has been unbelievable — more than 15 million hits and thousands of ‘hurrahs’ from like-minded Americans — in only five days,” Gatlin added.

One commenter on YouTube agreed: “I love it!!! Thanks guys for standing up for America and what we stand for!!! Love You Guys!!!”

Still, he wants to make sure no one misunderstands him and his partner.

“Please know that neither Billy nor I are trigger happy cowboys lookin’ for a fight,” he said. “We just know that the fight is looking for us and for all Americans. So we decided as 2 of ‘those who write the songs’ it was up to is to write the truth, because so many of those who write our laws will not.”

Take a listen for yourself: