The latest from Israel: Trump set to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Trump set to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

President Trump is set to shock the world and unwind decades of American policy by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital.

Taylor force act passes final House vote

The U.S. House Of Representatives has just passed the Taylor Force Act, a bill which would cut funding to the Palestinian authority unless it stops paying families of terrorists who murder Israelis.

Karolina Cohen Katavah

A Jewish family has just been reunited after the discovery of a pendant in a Concentration Camp, a pendant that was identical to Anne Frank’s

Israeli women strap up for combat roles

As overall I.D.F. enlistment falls, and female soldiers begin to fill the gaps

Israeli exits you should look out for

Ben Topor, Managing partner at Cukierman & Co. speaking at ILTV Studio about the annual ‘go to Israel’ conference to showcase up and coming companies.

First Israeli basketball player comes out

An Israeli basketball player from the Hapoel Ramat Gan-Givatayim team has just set a new national record by first Israeli Pro Baller to ever publicly come out as gay.

Israeli Spy doc gets greenlight

The story of an Egyptian millionaire arms dealer, who moonlighted as an Israeli spy has been largely forgotten by history, but now a new documentary film has just been announced, Briand is about to finally bring this real-life spy story to the big screen.

Say goodbye to painful Diabetes tests!

An Israeli startup has just developed the first-ever device that measures your glucose levels without using a single painful needle!

Israeli Developers make up 4% of world gaming market

Yevgeny Blinov, Game Developer & Narrative Designer, and Ori Mani, Game Designer & Product Manager speaking at ILTV Studio about the new game ‘Masters of Nano-Power’ that will be in your gaming system soon

James Franco set to star and direct new movie
After the success of his new film ‘The Disaster Artist’, James Franco has just signed a deal to star and direct a new film about the beloved Jewish children’s author, Shel Silverstein.

Hebrew word Of The Day: AMITZ | אַמִיץ = BRAVE

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is “Amitz” which means “Brave”

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