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Here is the solution to raising kids who grow up to lick Blue Bell ice cream in the grocery store

Chad Prather

Chad Prather

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On Saturday, Chad Prather ranted about a popular and disgusting prank that involved opening an ice cream container at the grocery store, licking it, and then placing the item back on the shelf for an unsuspecting consumer to purchase.

In this clip, Chad expressed his belief that a human being is obligated to keep their spit to themselves unless they "agree upon face suction" with another human being.

"There is a line that you do not cross, and people have been crossing it back and forth, back and forth. Why?" Chad demanded.

Chad pointed to the parents who raised a generation of kids with too much time on their hands, which they used to cause other people misery.

"I swear the end is near," Chad said.

"The way I figured the motivation goes something like this," Chad began. "We have become a culture of gregarious isolationists, and that means the hierarchy of our attention span has shifted in the past decade and a half that means that we serve our new and glorious master: social media."

Chad offered his solution to the problem of raising kids who grow up to lick Blue Bell ice cream and put it back on the shelf as a prank.

"Parents, you have to whoop that a**," Chad said.

Watch the video below for more.

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