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The unholy alliance between Russia and China


Mark Levin, BlazeTV host of "LevinTV," narrowed in on the dynamic between China and Russia as they strengthen their alliance.

“The fact is that these countries are on the move,” Levin said.

China’s list of allegiances is expanding across the globe, Levin noted.

“China’s building alliances in our hemisphere. China’s building alliances in Africa, in the Middle East. It’s building alliances even in parts of Europe.”

Levin claims that China is a country headed for war.

“One day, we’re going to wake up and [China will] say ‘This belongs to us. What are you going to do about it?'” Levin said.

China has claimed that it will be ready to take over Taiwan by the year 2027. While Biden has claimed that he would stop that from happening, there is not even a guarantee that Biden will be in office at that time.

Levin posits that the discussions were also a time for both Putin and Xi to strategize about the United States in person.

While Russia and China have a "complicated history," their resistance to America has brought them to this newly strengthened alliance. The two countries undoubtedly have their own personal interests at heart, but the alliance is one that America would be wise to keep a close watch on.

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