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CNN's Brian Stelter has a bizarre regret about media coverage in the 2016 election


You won't believe what he said

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CNN's Brian Stelter gave a bizarre criticism of media coverage during the 2016 election on his show "Reliable Sources," when he admitted that he didn't cover "racial resentment" enough.

"Let me level with you since the start of the new year, I thought about leading off this program about President Trump's insults against Democrats," said Stelter at the start of the segment on Sunday. "Then I thought, that is the problem."

"Framing policies through Trump's shots and smears is one of the things that is wrong about political coverage," he explained. "Let's start with a different conversation today, not about Trump but about the Dems."

'Not enough talk about racial resentment'

Stelter brought on three Democratic commentators to criticize the coverage from the media. Later in the conversation, he turned to the subject of "racial resentment" in the 2016 election.

"So much of the coverage on polling focuses on the what, but not the why," said former Clinton spokesperson Karen Finney.

"And the best example of that, that I can give you from 2016 where many journalists have admitted they missed it," she explained, "was the fact that polls were saying people had you know, economic anxiety."

"What people were missing is that what was driving that economic anxiety was about fear of change, was about racism, was about sexism, and so that whole conversation was really missed on the national level, in terms of how, what that meant for the country, and how that meant the candidates were being both covered and received."

"There was not enough talk about racial resentment during the 2016 campaign," Stelter agreed.

"We focused on a lot of financial anxiety and not racial anxiety," Stelter concluded. "And that's a regret I have personally."

The president and his allies have criticized the media greatly during and since the 2016 election, not because it didn't cover "racial resentment" enough, but from reporters jumping to unfairly accuse those on the right of racism.

Here is the segment of Stelter's regret:

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