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Commentary: The move to cancel college football makes no sense
The Iowa Hawkeyes team huddles during the San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl on Dec. 27. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Commentary: The move to cancel college football makes no sense

We're going to lose more than football

There's a group of Iowa Hawkeye football parents who are fighting back with some questions. Questions any reasonable person would have after being told their kids can't play Division 1 football this fall when another right down the road — Iowa State — appears to be ramping up to do exactly that.

Why haven't the Big Ten power brokers communicated with the players or parents on the way to making such a drastic decision?

Why did that drastic decision need to be made now when three other major football conferences are giving it everything they've got to proceed?

How does it make sense that regular students will return to campus classes and dorms with far fewer overall protections than athletes have yet sports is the thing getting canceled?

Why are the reasons for shutting down so vague? What are all these “unknowns" you are all panicking about? What aren't you telling us? Why should we trust you about playing in the spring when we can't seem to trust you now?

And have you considered that the risks of not playing for these young, healthy individuals — on whom the virus has been statistically demonstrated to have less impact than the flu — may outweigh those from taking the field because of the loss of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and possible professional advancement?

Among those asking the questions is a dad who is a doctor and a mom who is a nurse. And whether they really believe they can turn this ridiculous decision around or not, we should all have their back for simply refusing to have “the experts" pee on them and tell them it's raining.

Yet despite airing their concerns as parents last week, the overwhelming sentiment in sports talk seems to be that the possibility of reversing a decision of such magnitude seems to be beyond imagining. How about we check the deranged mental math on that. So no matter how badly a situation is handled, the larger the magnitude or impact of the decision in question makes it even more likely that such a decision must be adhered to at all costs?

The Peter Principle lives. "If it's dumb, do it" seems to be the mission statement here.

Well, as the great prophet Nick Fury once said: “I recognize the council has made a decision, but given that it's a stupid-a** decision, I've elected to ignore it."

Amen, amen I say to you.

For goodness' sake, we live in a world where we've been misled by one of the chief medical officers in the country, Lord Anthony Fauci, for months. A world where lockdowns have ignored economic catastrophe, scientific reality and the degradation of liberties at a pornographic level while elevating BLM rioters to the status of Rosa Parks.

Dare I say then that one lesson all of us, who don't have our heads permanently stuck in our backsides, should have learned by now is that there are some gigantically bad decisions the “experts" are making. So we'd be really dumb not to at least question them before bestowing infallibility once more.

None of this makes any damn sense. None. And the minute we start accepting that as our lot in life, we lose way more than football.

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