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Commentary: Don't compromise with a movement that wants to dominate us
Iowa Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds (left) has taken a stand against the panic brigade. President Trump could learn something from her. (Photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images)

Commentary: Don't compromise with a movement that wants to dominate us

Stand up to them

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is defying all the odds of politics at the very moment when I am having an epiphany about how people like her should never, ever win. May her steadfast defiance of rogue panicky/partisan school boards and flat earthers across my home state ultimately prove me wrong in the end.

Because under the current rules, Team GOP should never win any election whatsoever. I mean it. The Democrats and their allies in the press, social media, Hollywood, academia, public schools, the sciences and corporate America can now seemingly get away with telling any lie they want to. Or engaging in any action, no matter how profane, with almost no consequences whatsoever. And when those are the rules of engagement, it should be game over from the outset for anyone not wearing the approved uniform.

That was brought home to me all the more this week when I found out that the Stanford scientists, led in part by John Ioannidis, who called this pandemic's actual data on the nose way back in March, had themselves tried to get a hearing with the White House at the very onset of the lockdowns. To warn President Trump against making the dumbest dumbass decision in American history, but Trump ignored them and took the Faucian Bargain instead.

My goodness. If Stanford illuminati don't stand a chance of preventing the woke ruin of the world's greatest economy and democracy, what chance do you think feckless GOP windmill chasers have in this culture?

And so here we are in August not spared of disaster, but suicidal as a society. Still pretending Sweden doesn't exist. Facing a teacher's union shakedown in opposition to the opening of America's schools. Calling for mask mandates at the very time medical and scientific experts worldwide are lampooning their efficacy. Letting violent riots go on as government-approved social interaction, while California tyrants threaten to turn off your electricity if you don't "properly" social distance and New York gas-lighters set up check points around the Big Apple to keep out a virus that they have overwhelmingly been the biggest distributor of.

Maybe these kinds of persistent, overreaching insanities used to be the assumed fail safe for Republicans, because the eventual reverb from the crazy would raise them up as a handy alternative. After all, in a country founded on the creed this country was founded on — that our rights come from God and that give me liberty or give me death has a groovy ring to it — there should by definition be a clear limit on just how far the pagan jackassery will be tolerated.

I'm pretty certain that even I believed that to some extent as recently as February 2020, despite how cynical I already had become, but that seems like a long, long time ago.

Now though, there is a Thanos-like "I am inevitable" quality to the chaos of the Democratic worldview. And that feeling is accentuated all the more by — perhaps even caused by — the fact that Mr. 'I alone can solve,' President Donald Trump, has basically gone AWOL when it comes to the promise of draining the swamp. And yes, I say that as someone who plans on voting for him as perhaps nothing more than a speed bump to temporarily ward off oblivion.

For on paper it says Trump is a Republican, the Senate is Republican and the Supreme Court has a Republican-appointed majority. But in reality, the Democrats own the opening premise and the final outcome of almost every sector of American life. The only variable is the speed at which the demolition of our way of life occurs.

Except that isn't Trump's fault, but ours. For too long our master plan has been to vote Republican, and then sit back and wait for the betrayals. Meanwhile, the white witch was on the move. Completing Gramsci's long march through the institutions with vigor. And now here we are, the Visigoths are coming over the wall. So confident in their quest they openly necromanced the dead candidacy of a dementia patient to be their nominee.

Win, lose, or draw come Nov. 3, we better finally learn our current level of activism and involvement in the process won't cut it. That you can't compromise with a conquering horde. Nor can you share a country with those who have no intention of sharing it with you.

This was true before Trump, and it's still going to be true whether he's re-elected or not.

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