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Horowitz: Don’t say COVID? Why the media is now avoiding COVID coverage like the plague
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Horowitz: Don’t say COVID? Why the media is now avoiding COVID coverage like the plague

Florida media figures have been accusing Gov. Ron DeSantis of promoting a phantom bill they dishonestly call the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. But, in fact, they would like him to abide by a bizarre new dictate in the world of media censorship: “Don’t say COVID.” Yes, the very topic that they held like a shark grasping its prey for nearly two years is suddenly taboo, as the USA Today-owned Palm Beach Post ran a headline titled, “Is Ron DeSantis addicted to COVID?” Yet if you understand what is going on with the safety and efficacy of the shots, it’s quite obvious why they no longer want to discuss the issue, which is precisely why we should never stop talking about it.

Throughout the past two years, whenever there was a spike in deaths in a given part of the world, every American was treated to an endless barrage of panic porn warning them to take “precautions” to ensure we were not hit next. That paradigm has magically changed. As the virus continues to rage throughout east Asia, a region that was largely spared from the wrath of the pathogen until now, the media no longer wants to warn of impending doom.

“Well, that’s because we already have natural immunity here, whereas in east Asia, many people are being exposed for the first time,” you might retort. That is a very logical hypothesis, but to suggest it necessarily concedes the point that it is natural immunity, not the vaccines, that convey protection, given that most east Asian countries have higher vaccination rates than the U.S.

From day one, South Korea was touted as the country that did everything right – from sophisticated contact tracing and quarantine to disciplined mask-wearing and high vaccination rates. Yet, for the first time, South Korea now has more people critically ill with COVID than the United States.

Obviously, one would still rather be in South Korea’s position overall during the past two years, but the new trend begs the obvious question. Why is South Korea, by far, worse off than ever before, precisely after nearly all adults are vaccinated? 87% of the population has at least one shot and 62% have boosters, which likely means nearly everyone within the age range that could possibly experience bad outcomes has three shots. Just like Israel, the country is now administering fourth boosters. So, what gives? Why South Korea and other east Asian countries skated by without many deaths until now is still unclear — possibly the result of a healthy population, prior partial immunity, or sheer luck. But either way, why would it be worse than ever after having these shots?

Hong Kong has just reached its peak, but it has now suffered the worst death curve in the world over the past few weeks, after barely experiencing any deaths since 2020. While its vaccination rate is lower than that of South Korea, it’s still higher than the rate in the U.S.

At 280 deaths per day, Hong Kong is averaging the equivalent of over 12,000 daily deaths in the U.S., a number we’ve never reached.

As such, one can understand why the COVID fascists no longer want to discuss COVID. Not only were lockdowns and masks repudiated as effective tools to stop the spread, but the vaccine, at minimum, has been proven ineffective, if not downright harmful with possible pathogen priming or antibody dependent disease enhancement. Not exactly a record to brag about. Yet we must continue talking about it because American soldiers and health care personnel are still losing their jobs for not getting this jab. What if it’s these very shots that are responsible for more COVID cases?

Cases appear to be going up in some Western countries as well, including in the U.K. Where are they coming from? Every successive UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance Report released on Thursdays appears to show the negative efficacy of the vaccine intensifying each week. The data now show that between Feb. 13 and March 6, the infection rate per capita was the lowest among the unvaccinated for every age group. It was the highest in the triple-jabbed in almost every age cohort. For most age groups, the booster is now between -200% and -250% effective.

Is this perhaps why the U.K. is dropping all its restrictions on travel, despite the fact that cases are beginning to go up again? Authorities can’t afford to have us focus on the atrocities that have been committed over the past two years.

Although Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is pushing for universal fourth shots, he knows that the public is not buying it. He even conceded that his vaccine is “not that good against infections. It doesn’t last very long." Which is why the media has moved on to the new fourth vaccine – Ukraine – so we forget about everything that occurred the past two years.

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