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Deace: Common sense is being wiped out on purpose
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Deace: Common sense is being wiped out on purpose

For common sense to be, well, common, it must have reference points scattered throughout the everyday interactions and experiences of existence that act as automatic overrides when total depravity threatens to take over.

Sure, we may want whatever we want whenever we want it, but there’s a stop sign, and a yield sign, and a "don't walk" sign, and on and on. These are constant reminders that there is a necessary order that we know protects us from our worst selves and the obvious chaos that would result if we gave in to our temptations.

What happens, though, when the constant reminders are no longer stop signs but the opposite?

What happens when the existence of boys' and girls' bathrooms is eliminated altogether, as just happened in the Chicago public school district? Gone are the multiple times a day as a young child you would be reminded of the clear and fundamental order of things, in which inherent differences ultimately grow into the complementarity that defines family and serves as the basis for a stable society.

As the adult reading this, you may have a hardwired reaction to this concerning women’s safety, but those children in Chicago will quickly be imprinted to have no understanding of what a woman is or what the concepts of safety and security even mean. When you live day after day in such a reality, the most certain thing to happen is that eventually there will be no reality at all except the chaos. And that is the point.

None of this is a merely theoretical discussion about the darkness to come. No, it’s already pitch black, my friends. Don’t believe me? Try turning in another direction, to any other topic in the news where clear and defined markers are regularly winning the day and the fog of woke war clears to bring us back to solid ground.

When a reporter addressed White House press secretary Jen Psaki about "when a huge group of criminals organizes themselves and they want to go loot a store — a CVS, Nordstrom, a Home Depot — until the shelves are clean, you think that's because of the pandemic?" her answer was one cosmically insane word: “Yes.”

When Roe v. Wade was brought before the U.S. Supreme Court last week in the form of the Dobbs case, the issue previously defined by propagandists of old as “a very difficult and private decision between a woman and her doctor” turned into a scene on the courthouse steps with an, ahem, white bleeding person, a black bleeding person, and an Asian bleeding person (the woke mob magically abandoned gender madness for this issue). They excitedly gobbled down abortion pills for all to see. Not difficult. Not private. This was fun for them.

And when a reporter asked Anthony Fauci about travelers being checked for COVID before coming into America, Fauci was really giving off an Australian internment vibe until the follow-up question: "What about people who don't take a plane and just these border crossers coming in in huge numbers?" To which Fauci responded like the absolute sociopath he is: "That's a different issue."

See? Those are three other safety-related issues where there is absolutely nothing being done or said to call us back to our so-called common senses. The signposts are all bulldozed. The reminders are all canceled. We are utterly untethered.

Our 21st-century selves keep waiting for that to magically stop as we medicate in our first-world comforts. It never will, unless we make it stop. There is no other way. Either we are America or we aren’t. I pray there is still time to start acting like it.

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