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Deace: It is time to end 'Faucism' once and for all
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Deace: It is time to end 'Faucism' once and for all

Over the past 14 months, all Americans have had their lives at least somewhat under the capricious control of the double-minded Anthony Fauci.

Same goes for every business and the decision of whether the business can be open and to what extent. Same goes for every school and every house of worship as well. Even whether we're permitted to breathe the free air outside once we're allowed to leave our homes.

And Fauci was granted that unprecedented authority without a single vote cast.

That level of power bestowed without direct consent of the governed would be dangerous enough to a free people even if it were given to someone with proven competence and reliable consistency. Absolute power corrupts absolutely even in the best of hands.

However, when that much power is given to someone with little regard for intellectual honesty and as schizophrenically wrong as Fauci has repeatedly proven to be, you end up with one of the darkest hours in our nation's history.

Such a long train of abuses requires a reckoning. While a 9/11 type of tribunal is what's required here, for now let us focus on these three headliners:

● Fauci has already admitted to lying to the American people regarding masks and the herd immunity threshold for COVID-19. These are two of the most contentious debates surrounding the pandemic, hence hardly insignificant points. Once someone has admitted to being a liar, how do you know they're not lying about everything else? How do you when to trust them and when not to?

● As we chronicle in our best-selling book "Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History," the Fauci flip-flops are legion. It would require a series of columns to itemize them all, and it took us an entire book to do it. Suffice to say, there isn't anything of substance pertaining to COVID-19 that Fauci has not flip-flopped on. One of our favorite examples actually occurred after our book was published. On April 18, Fauci said on "Meet the Press" the vaccinated still need to wear masks, as if they had not been vaccinated. But then later that same day on CBS, Fauci was incredulous that some Republicans (because don't all non-partisan bureaucrats single Americans out by political party?) wanted COVID restrictions lifted without getting vaccinated. Thus, on the same day Fauci said you couldn't go back to normal even if you're vaccinated, he said we needed to be vaccinated to go back to normal. Makes perfect sense, or not.

● The right to seek a second opinion is fundamental to our health care system. Yet through Fauci's refusal to consider any viewpoints that don't align with his particular narrative, the American people have been denied access to contrarian views from world-class experts from esteemed universities such as Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon — each of which are ranked among the most prestigious pillars of academia in this nation or on this planet. Yet they have been consistently ignored in exchange for whatever flat-earth voodoo Fauci is peddling at the moment.

We could continue with more, such as Fauci's refusal for whatever reason to ignore natural immunity in his herd immunity calculations. The emerging story about his bureaucracy's ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the controversial gain-of-function research conducted there. Or the fact that he is now admitting the entire premise of locking down the country and quarantining the healthy — Walking Dead-like fear of asymptomatic spread — isn't really a thing.

By now, though, you get the picture. Fauci is a bureaucratic tumor that has been allowed to metastasize. We now see even more public health officials following his nefarious lead. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky theatrically warned of "impending doom" in late March, before last week dramatically downgrading her agency's mask-wearing guidelines without citing any specific science whatsoever. Which at least suggests there never really was any specific science justifying what's now become an annoying mask cult.

Fellow Biden adviser Michael Osterholm warned "the darkest days were yet to come" over the next six to 14 weeks back in early February. Fourteen weeks later, cases are down 76% across the country, total hospitalizations are at their collective lowest in eight months, and U.S. excess mortality has fallen to pre-pandemic levels. As the great Bob Uecker once said, "Just a bit outside."

In his front cover endorsement of our book, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis specifically credited his state's success to his refusal to follow Faucism. While Fauci was ridiculously praising nursing home menace Andrew Cuomo, DeSantis was following actual science and data that our book proves has largely been known for a year. DeSantis followed it while others followed Fauci, and the results now speak for themselves.

We've heard enough of Fauci's forked tongue. The country has suffered enough under his reign of terror. End the failure theater once and for all.

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