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Deace: To fight for our children, we must be more than the Legion of evil
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Deace: To fight for our children, we must be more than the Legion of evil

The trans flag is a clear symbol of those grooming schoolchildren with pornography, separating them from their families, and leading them down the path of bodily mutilation as well as mental and emotional chaos. But the flag can nonetheless be found everywhere in government schools.

The Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, on the other hand, is a symbol that goes hand in hand with the founding principles of this country. So of course a 12-year-old boy was kicked out of class in Colorado Springs because he had a patch with the image on his backpack.

Over in California, where the trans flag is as ubiquitous as poop on the sidewalk, the state attorney general just announced a lawsuit aimed at stopping the Chino Valley school district from having to share information with parents about their own children’s gender confusion.

Not even Wyoming could escape the trans terrorism of a judge, who recently ruled that a sorority at the University of Wyoming must admit a man. Because not to do so would mean the female plaintiffs were "injecting" their own definition of what a woman is.

And even right here in red-state Iowa, where I live, schools that approved porn for children using secret and illegal book committees then openly lie that the legislation to remove the trash goes so far as to require the removal of classics like “Catcher in the Rye.” This even included districts like where my colleague Todd Erzen lives. Or over at the high school that serves my Des Moines suburb, a parent complained that because that same legislation won’t allow teachers to keep secrets about the gender cult away from parents, that means permission slips must now be sent home if a girl named Samantha wants to be called Sam.

Neither complaint is remotely true about the Iowa law, but we must understand by now that the lie is the point with these people. We are talking about Satan’s Youth Ministry after all, and their true father is the father of lies. Which is why despite the many victories red states have won to beat back the evil of the trans mob, the mob not only persists but turns the volume of its deceit and depravity up to 11 day after day. Like the demonic horde at its helm, it is relentless, with the intent of exhausting us to the point that we return to our idols of comfort and normal rather than fight for our children to the last pronoun.

The social compact that used to balance out those various individual and institutional forces in America has been broken, which means the evil in our midst from the trans contagion will have no true limiting principle. It will instead indulge its warped imagination and grotesque appetites until a new calculus of consequences is both made clear and ruthlessly enforced against it.

I recently said that if you are a red-state attorney general or district attorney and Hunter Biden so much as took a leak in your state or city just one time, you should be launching all-out lawfare on the Bidens right now. And the same is true of the trans terrorists. They have declared their intentions with zero ambiguity. They hate you and want to destroy your family if they can. Todd has two calls from the cops and two cease-and-desist letters to prove it, just because he stood in the breach against their open approval of porn for schoolchildren right here in Iowa. Meanwhile, everybody else hid so they wouldn’t have to get too uncomfortable as their children were hunted.

That plan is never going to work. We have reached the point of mutually assured destruction as a deterrent. It’s the Chicago way, Sean Connery. Never bring a knife to a gunfight. I wish none of this were so, but we must declare that they can have our kids over our collective dead body.

Time to fire teachers. Time to level charges against rogue attorneys. Time to impeach judges. Time to shame into the stone age parents subjecting their precious children to such filth. Make millstones great again, I say. It’s a seller’s market.

We are literally dealing with Legion here, and they are many. For our children, we must be even more.

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Steve Deace

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