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Deace: We've rejected reason and science for lies. Tough questions are no longer allowed.
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Deace: We've rejected reason and science for lies. Tough questions are no longer allowed.

Vulcans don't exist.

If they did, reason and science would have prevailed by now. Instead of perpetual COVID hysteria, all theories and diagnosis would have been weighed, measured, and, if found wanting, cast aside in favor of the better, more efficacious option.

That's what, by definition, reason and science are supposed to do. They are no respecter of persons. They are dispassionate. They have no agenda but to know the truth, which is their only narrative.

Except Socrates knew better, as have so many other reason and science aficionados throughout history. Asking questions is fun until the wrong question gets asked, and then comes the hemlock. Take Joe Rogan, for example. Pop culture contrarian megastar turned horse-paste eater in the blink of an eye, all because reason and science were never really on the table from the very beginning of this COVID mess.

Because we aren't Vulcans. Reason and science are neither our default setting nor our highest aspiration. Lying is, because we're sinners.

You know this because the farther we get into the COVID soap opera, clarity seems harder to come by than ever before. Masks become more magical as they accomplish nothing. Lockdowns become more harsh as they fail. Vaccines become more mandatory as they falter. And does Sweden even exist?

We are, pound for pound, the most educated that any society has ever been in the history of man, from the perspective of the amount of time that the greatest number of people have spent in institutions of learning. But look at us. We know absolutely nothing. And that appears to be the goal: complete chaos.

Take natural immunity, for example. The inherent evolutionary spirit of the human body's ability to thwart illness and disease of all kinds, by adapting to the viral environment over time, should be an obsession of the Darwin fan club in our current time of need. The data is in, and natural immunity is clearly kicking ass against COVID like no vaccine can. But instead, the sages of the age either don't trust it or ignore it altogether in favor of draconian and man-made Rube Goldberg approaches to health and healing, which make your average crack hustler on the corner look like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

For no matter what Darwin's intent was in lifting up natural selection, the "natural" part has been thrown under the bus by the progressive spirit of the age, which happily has moved on to other, more darkly paramount things.

We are in the endgame now, and even nature has to go. Laws of nature. Nature's God. Natural immunity. All of it. Just too many stubborn rules. You know, things like two and only two genders. A Darwinist would have happily defended that enduring reality as a crowning achievement of millions of years of fighting for survival. But that was then.

The thing is, even a godless Darwinist is by default pointing to an ageless wisdom of some kind, something from the very distant past that not only can't be denied but must be embraced on some level in order to move forward in life with any effectiveness or integrity. Not the church of woke, though. In that profane space, anything resembling ancient wisdom has to go. The more unnatural, the better.

So the lies just get bigger and more brazen. In fact, they must. 666 genders and booster shots forevs are the exact same con: an undoing of reality itself. Time, and the history that comes with it, no matter how based in reason or science it might be, is canceled in favor of the love child of Nietzsche's Ubermensch and drag queen story hour.

The lie is the entire point. The lie is the victory.

The lie has always been mankind's favorite thing of all, and he/she/they/them is perfecting it before our very eyes. They know they're lying. We know they're lying. They know that we know they're lying.

Yet, like their true father, they will keep lying anyway.

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Steve Deace

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