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Horowitz: Two Georgia counties offer community service credits to criminals who vaccinate
Photographer: Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Horowitz: Two Georgia counties offer community service credits to criminals who vaccinate

Isn't it so nice of these criminals who are willing to serve their community by getting vaccinated? That should be grounds to lop off half their already lenient sentence of community service.

This might sound like another sadistic joke, but it is the reality for two Georgia counties. Georgia's Hall and Dawson counties are now offering those performing community service as part of their sentence to receive earned time for getting vaccinated.

Hall County Court Administrator Jason Stephenson told local media that judges can offer up to 20 to 40 hours' worth of community service for who show proof of vaccination.

"In our judge's view, every shot in the arm is a service to the community," Stephenson said. "For some offenders it does seem appropriate to recognize that the time and the cost involved and perhaps lining up childcare, taking time off from work, arranging for transportation, and making to a vaccination site – not once but twice. This recognizes the commitment they've made in doing that."

Yes, I mean can you imagine the sacrifice it takes for these criminals to be willing to be vaccinated. Andy Maddox, senior assistant public defender of Hall County, aptly described the amazing self-sacrifice and why it should count toward community service time.

"Somebody mentions 20 hours and that may not sound like a lot," Maddox said, "but that half a work week and if somebody can get a shot instead of doing 20 hours of community service, that is a pretty strong incentive."

It's hard to tell if these sentiments demonstrate how dangerous the vaccine is or how callous we are in dealing with criminals, or both. Remember, judges have already released hundreds of thousands of criminals due to COVID jailbreak, and countless others have never been locked up because of COVID-19. Now the vaccine is being used as a backend leniency to both line the pockets of big pharma and to go easy on criminals, two pastimes of our corrupt ruling class.

Some media reports have observed that Georgia's vaccination rate is about 10 points lower than the national average, however, there is no evidence that Georgia is suffering any worse community spread than any of its neighbors. So many states in the northeast or upper Midwest have much higher vaccination rates than Georgia, yet they have more community spread, according to CDC's latest tracking map. Minnesota ranks #11 in terms of percent of the residents vaccinated, but it is currently one of the hot spots.