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Horowitz: What Republican Party? Senate GOP prepares to codify gay marriage
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Horowitz: What Republican Party? Senate GOP prepares to codify gay marriage

At least we can now stop scratching our heads wondering why the Republicans failed to be a viable party. Conservatives were pining for the GOP to hold 53-54 Senate seats, but this week the Senate GOP Conference, led by Mitch McConnell, is demonstrating that Democrats really have a supermajority in the upper chamber anyway, at least as it relates to the most important civilization issues.

Take a hard look at this Gallup survey of Americans who identify as the sexual alphabet soup by generation. Anyone with a modicum of common sense will realize that one need not be a Bible thumper (Allah forbid) to understand the harm that the virulent promotion of the homosexual agenda has wreaked upon this nation. There is nothing natural going on here, as when people are born with brown eyes or green eyes. How on earth have we descended so quickly to a generation that now identifies with an ever-growing number of alphabet soup sexual identities that have led to the destruction of civilization, which is built upon marriage, family, and procreation?

Have we ever considered the consequences of grooming 20% of an entire generation – and rapidly increasing every year – to behave and identity in a way that will not lead to normal family structure or even human procreation?

Again, from a purely secular standpoint, even if one has no problem with these particular behaviors and even if one thinks society needs to protect and recognize them in some way, we have long since accommodated that. The pendulum has swung so far in the other direction that children being raised today are literally convinced that it’s like a 50-50 proposition. You can either marry a man or a woman – that’s just how it is. Given the fact that Obergefell already forces states, at least for the time being, to offer marriage licenses to same-sex couples, why on earth would there be a need to codify it into law even further and place our thumbs on the scale?

Yet this is exactly what Republicans have agreed to do. Later this week, the Senate will vote on HR 8404, which will force red states to recognize any form of marriage adopted in any other state. “We look forward to this legislation coming to the floor and are confident that this amendment has helped earn the broad, bipartisan support needed to pass our commonsense legislation into law,” Sens. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), and Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) said in a statement.

Schumer has given the impression that they will get well over 10 Republican votes to avoid the filibuster, and there is no evidence that McConnell and other prominent GOP leaders are even speaking out against the bill, much less whipping against it. In fact, House GOP leaders already declined to whip against the even stronger bill in July, which downright forced red states to recognize gay marriage even among residents within the state. Even the amended bill with the supposed religious liberty protection only protects nonprofit organizations, essentially codifying “bake the cake” as the law.

Whatever the final vote is this week, it is quite evident that the entire GOP establishment sees no problem with what is going on here.

Is it their position that not enough people are identifying as something that will ensure there is no procreation? When will they be happy? When that number is at 40% of the population? A majority? According to Gallup, the number of people identifying as one of the glorified letters in the alphabet has doubled as a share of the population in just nine years. The number spiked 27% just in one year since last year’s survey!

Why would something that is so glorified by every aspect of culture, law, and policy suddenly need a reaffirmation from federal law? After all, under Obergefell, red states have to grant same-sex couples licenses anyway. Clearly, this is designed to further promote the broader grooming agenda. It’s no longer just the absence of Judeo-Christian ethos, but the adoption of a new rigid and stoic adherence to paganism, which is rooted in transhumanism and is rooting for depopulation.

Are Republicans absolutely blind to what is going on in society and how this is part of the broader transhumanist and depopulation agendas that seek to deracinate familiar ties, procreation, and traditional stable family structure and turn everyone into androgynous artificial intelligence bots controlled by global governments?

Again, this is no longer just a social or biblical values issue. Gone are the days when gay people were the underdog and it was just a matter of supposedly promoting acceptance for what was thought to be a tiny population and, by some, as a natural phenomenon. Nobody can look at society today and suggest that this trend is natural, nor can one suggest it is helpful to the healthy growth of any civilization, even a secular one.

This is no longer a proposition of “Hey, just give them a marriage license and it will be over.” With the growth of the sexual alphabet acronym every few years, it is shocking how Republicans refuse to recognize where this is coming from and where it is headed. The mantra of “this is not the hill to die on” rings hollow as an entire generation of children are being groomed into a dystopian transhumanist environment of never understanding the basic meaning of marriage, life, sexuality, and even humanity itself.

While conservatives lament the problem with mail-in ballots and possible ballot fraud, we have mail-in Republicans who commit the ultimate election fraud. Chuck Schumer was quite prescient when he said that gay marriage is “precisely the kind of bill that Democrats and Republicans can rally around together." After all, amid all the WWE-style fighting in Washington, it’s on the issues that matter, in the way they matter, at the time they matter that both sides are as thick as thieves in their war on civilization.

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