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Horowitz: Who will be the first governor to block the Pfizer injection for babies?
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Horowitz: Who will be the first governor to block the Pfizer injection for babies?

The perception in the body politic is that the Democrats want an off-ramp from COVID and that many people have realized the existing failures were a catastrophic mistake. However, just as we were confronted with some of the worst battles seemingly at the end of WWII – the Bulge and Okinawa, for example – we are now facing the most immoral and unscientific COVID measure of all. Originally, the FDA planned to approve the now expired vaccines for infants, toddlers, and babies yet to be born. They have since delayed the authorization, but that just gives us a few weeks to put the nail in the coffin of this immoral experiment.

Our babies are now lab rats. After Fauci himself has admitted the emergency part of the pandemic is over, they plan to use an emergency authorization to approve the shot for a population for which there never was an emergency. But facts, laws, and morality no longer matter when Pfi$er comes for its fair share. And evidently, $54 billion in revenue is not enough.

Originally, Pfizer planned to submit its EUA application for kids 6 months to 4 years old to the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee on Tuesday. On Friday, the company announced it would wait until the trial on three doses for children is finished, rather than going ahead with the two-dose application, which failed to show any improved immunity. However, the company still plans a three-dose submission for some time in April.

Pfizer’s own trial thus far found no benefit for those children, and even the most conservative estimate of adverse events renders this endeavor all risk and no return. And of course, there is no trial on the current variant. Yet our government was already distributing the vials. We call that a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

What could possibly be the motivation to pursue this authorization so quickly when the emergency has passed and the virus circulating seems to have a greater affinity for vaccine-mediated antibodies? Israel, with the most boosters in the world, is experiencing its worst death curve precisely now, even with the mildest variant. In some U.K. age groups, the triple-vaxxed have over a 2.7-fold greater case rate than the unvaxxed.

Meanwhile, Pfizer is trying to find data showing three doses do “something” for children, when we already know from the past 12 months with adults that even if they offer some antibodies, they wane and run the risk of causing enhancement and negative efficacy. Yet Pfizer will cleverly just show two or so months of the trial before the waning kicks in, just as with the adult trials.

Is there not one righteous man left in Sodom who has any degree of curiosity as to why this is happening? It’s one thing for older people to use this experiment with informed consent during the height of the pandemic. One could conceivably say they will turn a blind eye to all adverse events because of the perceived short-term benefit. But nobody can articulate any benefit for this group of kids at this time for this variant with these shots, and we sure have a lot of known and unknown safety signals about short-term and long-term consequences. This was so rushed that they even merged three phases all into one phase.

There’s only one plausible explanation for this maniacal alacrity to shoot up the babies, and it can’t just be about money alone. They want to destroy the one remaining demographic control group in this country that remains untarnished by this great human experiment. As we begin to witness the reproductive, cardiovascular, neurological, and immune system damage, the media and the medical system will seek to blame the death and destruction on everything but the shots. In order to succeed, they cannot allow a single age group to evade the reach of the great experiment.

Last week, the European Medicines Agency announced it will investigate reports of "heavy menstrual bleeding and absence of menstruation" after mRNA COVID shots. We have known about these safety signals from day one, yet the global health entities chose to ignore them until after all of the young women and even children got the shots. How could someone in good conscience allow this shot to now enter the arms of babies and toddlers before this safety signal is fully investigated?

Now imagine if the federal government began distributing Planned Parenthood abortion centers throughout all the red states. Do you think the governors would sit idly and say, “Well, at least there is no mandate to get an abortion, it’s simply optional”? Hell no! They would ban that distribution throughout the state. Well, this is an even bigger pro-life issue, because it will affect exponentially more children. It’s no longer enough for governors to remain neutral on the shots. They must pledge to ban them in the states, and that begins with babies and toddlers. Pro-life means so much more than just fighting abortion.

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