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The big payback: Why political revenge is essential
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The big payback: Why political revenge is essential

Why shouldn’t Donald Trump deal with his enemies the way they’ve treated him? Heaven knows he’s been provoked enough.

Although leftist misrepresentations of current events always give me indigestion, two recent examples almost wrecked my intestines. The first was the presentation of Martha-Ann Alito’s irritation at having to stare at an unwelcome gay pride flag within viewing distance of her residence. The wife of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito complained that she was tired of this sight.

Why must she stare at symbols of wokeness everywhere she turns? This, by the way, was part of “a secret conversation,” and supposedly not everyone was to know, according to the New York Times, that Martha-Ann Alito was “pushing back at having to look at an LGBTQ symbol.”

A re-elected Trump would be entirely justified in investigating government administrators who have worked to destroy him politically and financially.

Talking with some young, woke acquaintances while listening with them, much to my displeasure, to CNN, I heard one of them opine that going after Alito because of his wife’s outburst wouldn’t be fair. After all, why should the justice be held responsible for his wife acting crazy (crazy in this context meaning “insensitive” or “fascist-like”)?

While CNN’s obvious endgame, which is to remove non-woke justices from court cases as a threat to “democracy,” is truly infuriating, what bothered me even more was the abuse of Justice Alito’s wife. Why should she be forced to celebrate through the month of June, and a bit less frenetically the rest of the year, those who by most established social, and certainly inherited Judeo-Christian, standards, are acting indecently? This would have been the settled judgment among most Americans until recently, and their view still prevails among millions of moral traditionalists. Tolerating offensive behavior may be required by law, but celebrating it is a different matter.

Why are there exhibitions of unbounded contempt for the feelings of these traditionalists while we are forced to rejoice over the sexual practices and gender mutations of a minority of our population? The obvious answer is that we’re afraid of the “fake media” and of what they do to those who deviate from their anti-traditional orthodoxies. Thus, we tear down Confederate battle flags and monuments because they give offense to some Americans, and rename sports teams that are called “Indians,” because that word offends rich, white leftists. But we think nothing of imposing the worship of LGBTQ symbols on those Americans of all races who find them morally disgusting.

Personally, I don’t give a damn if Pete Buttigieg, “the first openly gay member of the Cabinet,” expressed outrage at Martha-Ann Alito’s secret conversation. Mayor Pete is certainly not my moral compass. A showcase homosexual in a woke administration, he is not even a decent transportation secretary.

Second, The Hill recently ran a scare piece about the Bad Orange Man, who, if re-elected, might be inclined to exact “revenge” against his political opponents. The website publication quoted two of Trump’s Republican senatorial critics, one of them Mitch McConnell, who fear Trump’s eagerness to “retaliate with politically motivated prosecutions of his own.”

Why shouldn’t Trump deal with his enemies the way they’ve treated him? Heaven knows he’s been provoked enough. After what Trump has been through since 2016, from an unwarranted FBI raid, to spying by the surveillance state, to being harassed by a weaponized Justice Department under Merrick Garland, and to being found guilty without evidence of an identifiable felony, it seems that a re-elected Trump would be entirely justified in investigating government administrators who have worked to destroy him politically and financially.

For those who may not have noticed, a massive transformation of government agencies, including the Justice Department, FBI, and CIA, has taken place since the ideologically critical presidency of Barack Obama. These agencies now serve the left while making the increasingly implausible claim to be above politics. If Trump as president does not send a message to these agencies, which have become all but subsidiaries of the Democratic National Committee, and to malicious Democratic district attorneys like Alvin Bragg, he would be a stupid, cowardly RINO.

Moreover, unlike the Biden administration, which has treated the political opposition as MAGA terrorists, Trump as president conspicuously desisted from legally harassing Democrats, even his arch-foe Hillary Clinton. It is outrageous that Trump, who showed saint-like forbearance in dealing with the legally suspicious activities of his opponents throughout his term as president, is now being attacked nonstop by the corporate media as a would-be dictator and “threat to democracy.” It is the Democrats who are playing this role and doing so to perfection.

For the record: In a widely misquoted response on June 2 to the question of whether he would seek retribution as president, Trump made clear that “success is the best revenge.” In a subsequent interview, he added: “Sometimes revenge may be justified.” Let me repeat my point, if only for the sake of stifling the temptation of Democratic officials all over the country to do to other Republican politicians what they’ve done to Trump: Revenge is not only justified but absolutely imperative.

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Paul Gottfried

Paul Gottfried

Paul Gottfried is the editor of Chronicles. An American paleoconservative philosopher, historian, and columnist, Gottfried is a former Horace Raffensperger Professor of Humanities at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, as well as a Guggenheim recipient.