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WTF MSM!? NY Times admits the dossier may have been a Russian disinformation operation
Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

WTF MSM!? NY Times admits the dossier may have been a Russian disinformation operation

Is the media finally catching on?

Who knew? …On Saturday, the New York Times published a story about how the "Mueller Report [was] likely to renew scrutiny of the Steele Dossier." The Times reports that the dossier's contents could even have been a Russian disinformation operation aimed at then-candidate Trump. Which comes as no surprise to conservatives who have been following the story.

Remember, the Steele dossier came about because the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC paid a law firm, which then hired Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Trump. Fusion GPS then paid a former British intelligence officer, Christopher Steele, who leaned on contacts close to the Kremlin to get information that was used in the preparation of the dossier.

Is it any wonder that those Russians, who wanted to sow discord in the United States, would jump at the opportunity to provide misinformation, knowing that the media would eat it up?

Reaction from conservatives, who have been openly skeptical of the dossier and its use as the basis for FISA warrants against the Trump campaign without verification of its contents, was swift.

What the Times finally got around to acknowledging over the weekend is what conservatives have been saying all along.

Media got it very wrong …On Friday, the New York Post published an op-ed from Sohrab Ahmari listing the "top 10 things the media got wrong about 'collusion' and 'obstruction.'" From CNN's erroneous reporting about James Comey's testimony to erroneous fact-checks, it's worth a read. Once again, the media got it horribly wrong.

Why? Because the media bought into the Russian narrative. They wanted Trump to be corrupt, so they kept publishing story after story "confirming" the narrative.

Is nothing sacred? … As discussed in Friday's newsletter, last week the media fell over themselves to look foolish on matters of faith – during Holy Week. On Sunday, it may have gotten worse. An MSNBC reporter followed Robert Mueller to church and accosted him to get a comment as he left Easter services.

To the media, hell-bent on getting a story at all costs, there are no longer lines that shouldn't be crossed.

Black Hollywood star joins #WalkAway … On Friday, Brandon Straka announced that actor Isaiah Washington has agreed to speak at the next #WalkAway Black Americans Town Hall on Wednesday, May 1. Washington is one of the highest-profile Hollywood stars to join the movement.

Next week's event should be worth watching.

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  • After Mitt Romney released a statement about the Mueller report attacking Trump, the NY Times' Maggie Haberman and Ronan Farrow say they regret ridiculing Romney's 2012 warnings against Russia.
  • CNN's Brian Stelter obsessively fact-checks a Trump tweet typo about "138 million people" being killed in Sri Lanka: "When someone can't get the little stuff right, it makes you worry about the big stuff'."
  • WaPo uses Trump tweet as an opportunity to dig up other Trump misstatements during tragedies, shifts focus away from people who died and puts it on Trump.

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