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2020 Democrats mostly play dumb when asked to denounce Antifa

Conservative Review

Last weekend, violence erupted in Portland, Oregon, yet again after Antifa thugs clad in black took to the streets to counter a demonstration put on by the Proud Boys. Fighting broke out, beatings took place, and ultimately 13 were arrested as the police declared a civil disturbance.

Elijah Schaffer, a BlazeTV contributor and host of the podcast "Slightly Offens*ve," traveled to Portland and captured footage of the violence mainstream cable news networks neglected to show.

But it wasn't just the media downplaying or downright ignoring the violent actions of the radical Left. Turning Point USA sent activists to the Iowa State Fair last weekend to catch up with the Democratic presidential candidates and find out if they had anything to say about Antifa.

The Democrats mostly played dumb.


Why weren't the mainstream networks asking these questions of the Democrats? We never hear the end of it when President Trump doesn't immediately condemn violence by apparent white supremacists or white nationalists. Why do the Democrats get a pass from the mainstream media with Antifa?

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