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4 questions for statist progressives

Conservative Review

Just four simple questions for statist progressives as we sit and watch the methodical state-ordered execution of Alfie Evans play out:

1) Exactly which medical diagnoses will result in a verdict from medical professionals that I won’t be allowed to take my kid home with me from a visit to a doctor or hospital? Just Alfie’s? What about Charlie Gard? Is that it?

Because I’ve been down this kind of “how is my gay marriage going to affect your life” road before, and it turns out it’s going to affect it in every way possible and I’m commanded to like it or get my business shut down.

So if you are a good state-worshiping progressive and you are told by Dr. Death that your kid has been scheduled to do his duty and stop breathing forever, are you all in? Or maybe your kid is just too fat and considered a blight on the system? Are you going to fight? Why? You aren’t a medical professional. You don’t understand all the issues at stake.

Don’t be silly, you say. This is a clear-cut case, and we aren’t talking about just any older doctor’s visit. Well, Italy doesn’t think it’s a clear-cut case. They’ll take Alfie, but the doctors in England won’t budge. And that, in fact, appears to be the only clear-cut thing about any of this – except that Alfie has now lived days longer than his "doctors" claimed he would without life support.

There are no second opinions. There is no acceptance of alternative points of view. There is only a non-negotiable trip to a coffin. Now tell me again then why you have any assurance as a progressive that you will get your kid back after a doctor disagrees with your choices after your child gets, oh, let’s say inoperable cancer.

The courts? They aren’t arguing about whether the doctor has the power to take your kid away. They are only arguing whether he should. And in a place where the state and big medicine are the same game, how do you think that is going to go most of the time?

2) How much should a public official or doctor’s opinion about something as subjective as your “attitude” impact your rights are concerning your child? Because in England, it appears the actual translation of the Hippocratic Oath is “Either you kiss my ass or the kid dies.”

Instead of locking up a doctor who says Alfie can’t go home unless his parents improve their attitude about how awesome their son dying actually is, the courts continue to side with such a fiend.

So what non-triggering, safe-space, pagan-approved buzzwords must I not only know but swear blood oaths on in order to pass muster with the commissars in charge of assessing the worthiness of my attitude? I know they made an entire episode of “Black Mirror” about this concept, but I still haven’t found the sweet spot.

What if my attitude is good enough one day but not the next? What if my attitude is good enough for one person and not the other? Or maybe, nah, could this be it? Could it not really be about my attitude at all?

Could that just be a scapegoat for the total lack of accountability there is for progressive double standards and magical thinking in general?

3) By what moral calculus should progressive media be concerned with the fate of Shania Twain and Kanye West at a level that dwarfs its nonexistent concern for Alfie Evans?

Well, that’s a trick question. The undue concern or the total lack thereof are both means to the same kind of end: Death. In the case of the first two, it’s a death to their reputations. In the case of Alfie, it’s the bloody full monty. But death it is, either way. Ignore them. Lie about them. Troll them. Whatever it takes. Just get it done. You will be made to care or suffer the consequences.

It’s the progressive way.

I promise you there are newsrooms in America justifying their lack of attention to Alfie’s plight by telling themselves it’s a local story in another country. Just like I know in so many newsrooms they ignored the horrors of Kermit Gosnell.

4) Where does the hospital get off ejecting Alfie's priest from his room? Because in a nationalized health care system like the UK's, where health care decisions are being decided by courts and not the customer, you can bet this is the state. The state run amok, in fact. Which is what Alfie's execution is really about. The state is sending you and all of us a clear message: We own you. Your life, your conscience, your worship, your oxygen, your food, your family, and everything else you are. And if the state is willing to put down an innocent toddler to prove its point, imagine what it will do to the elderly, disabled, or those "on the wrong side of history."

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