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A godless people run godless ads in Ala. to promote godless party

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If you thought the GOP establishment’s lies ended with the embrace of Obamacare and all its principles, think again. Rather than leveling with the voters and honestly explaining their political sex-change operation, Mitch McConnell and his leadership PAC are projecting their corruption on conservative champions while supporting the very K Street swamp monsters who got us into this mess. And unless conservatives begin to mobilize today, starting with the Alabama Senate race, McConnell and his henchmen will win.

McConnell’s leadership PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund, is now out with $435,000 worth of radio and TV ads scheduled to run through the August 15 primary painting Judge Roy Moore —yes, that Roy Moore — as a corrupt pay-for-play politician, just like themselves. They are trying to elect K Street hack and McConnell doorman Luther Strange.

For those of us who have bled for patriots in primaries over the past decade, this is nothing new. They hit our guys at their strongest points while promoting their own weak points as virtues. Bottom-feeders like McConnell have gotten wealthy spending their entire career in politics and recycling tens of millions of dollars in a circuitous pay-for-play campaign finance operation from the swamp cartel. They then run ads painting themselves as conservatives. And they can’t imagine anyone running for office without their sinister agenda.

First, the ad portrays Moore as a money-sucking politician because he was the highest-paid judge in the country. Yes, he took his salary as a judge, which was set in accordance with Alabama law! And then this supposed greedy public parasite, Moore, threw away his job by making the ultimate principled sacrifice. He refused to violate the Constitution, state law, and God’s law on marriage, thereby leaving himself without a job. This is something McConnell and his cronies could never relate to in a million years.

Next, the ad implies the judge and his wife took a million dollars from “a charity” while he was a judge. Yes, they ran a legal defense fund, the Foundation for Moral Law, for those who actually uphold the constitutional values McConnell and his phony Republicans purport to champion in their election-cycle ads full of lies. And yes, they were paid salaries, averaging $67,000 per year, but the judge himself never took any salary while he was in office.

These ads against Moore follow last month’s round of duplicitous ads against Strange’s other conservative opponent, Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala. Earlier in the race, Strange ran positive ads on himself depicting fabricated newspaper headlines that portrayed an image that stands in stark contrast to his record.

Folks, this is why the GOP is irremediably broken. Its members run as conservatives, get elected, and then do the exact opposite of conservatism. Conservatives think it’s easy to expose them and vote them out in the subsequent primary, but history has shown that they are willing to say anything to get elected … and they have the money to do so precisely because they act the opposite of the way they are portrayed on those ads. Then they paint our people as liberal, corrupt, or both.

One could agree or disagree with Moore’s bold stance on behalf of constitutional governance, but his character, motivations, and integrity are impeccable and stand for themselves. I’ve seen too many lives ruined by the cartel, people whom I’ve encouraged to run for office but who are left with nothing but besmirched reputations. The cartel is devoid of ideas, bankrupt of integrity, and bereft of fortitude. And they fear God as little as the Democrats they claim to oppose. This is why so few honest people run for office. We can’t even have a fair fight and debate the proper role of government, free market health care, true immigration reform, the power of the federal judiciary, and our role in the world. It’s all sickening lies and personal smears. Remember what McConnell’s goons did to Chris McDaniel in Mississippi?

It’s time our people awaken from their slumber and stop being like battered wives who cry and lament over the acts of political adultery but then allow the same people to win just weeks later. For those who believe in Proverbs 12:22 — “False lips are an abomination of the Lord, but those who work faithfully are His delight” — we are less than two weeks away from starting a new revolution.

The reason why the Republican Party is as intellectually and ideologically bankrupt as the Democrat Party is because of the character of its most prominent members. The two parties together are nothing more than one large unibrow party. If we are surprised by the “shocking” betrayal of the Republican Party, let us not forget the admonishment from Noah Webster during the early days of the republic:

When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers, "just men who will rule in the fear of God." The preservation of government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty; if the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made, not for the public good so much as for selfish or local purposes; corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the laws; the public revenues will be squandered on unworthy men; and the rights of the citizens will be violated or disregarded. If a republican government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the divine commands, and elect bad men to make and administer the laws. (“History of the United States,” New Haven: Durrie & Peck, 1832, pp. 336-337.)

Somehow, amidst the rancor of the unibrow party’s WWE-style “fights” with the Democrats, we have forgotten that fear of God — in practice, not in rhetoric — is the number one prerequisite for public office.

We all know we really need a new party, and the first step to completely divorcing ourselves from this transgendered party is electing the one man who put it on the line for what we all supposedly believe when it actually mattered.

Editor's note: Daniel Horowitz has endorsed Roy Moore in the U.S. Senate race in Alabama.

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