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Adventures in dialogue with the other side

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While I was on vacation, I saw an interesting tweet from a member of the "liberal media" calling President Trump a racist. That in and of itself isn't interesting, because it happens 10,000 times a day regardless of what the president says or does. But Emily Cahn Singer, senior political reporter with Mic, said the president was engaging in "open bigotry" for the following tweet:

As I read the president's skepticism to importing people from a known terrorist-sponsoring state, I wondered where Emily was seeing bigotry here. So I decided to earnestly engage her with the following:

Clearly, there must be arguments on the Left that don't always devolve into identity politics, race cards, etc. At least I hope there are. And yet ... Emily chose to respond with more of the same.

Right away, you can see we're having two totally difference conversations. She wants to drown in identity politics. I want see if we have sound public policy to protect innocent Americans, regardless of how they identify. Thus, I asked her what her screening process would be. Check out her answer:

She flippantly sent me the form/guidelines for applying for citizenship, which of course didn't answer my question. Not one to be easily deterred, I decided to try again.

More race-baiting identity politics. Surely, two somewhat intelligent members of the media can set the ad hominem aside long enough to have an adult conversation on an open forum with our thousands of followers watching? I decided to give it another go.

Apparently we can't.

Nevertheless, my Savior leaves 99 found sheep behind to go and bring back the one that is lost, like I was. Therefore, I gave Emily one more opportunity to tell me what substantive issues she has with our immigration policies in general and the president's concerns about importing folks from enemy regimes in particular.

I never got a reply back.

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